Audio by Design
About Us

Audio by Design has been doing custom Audio/Visual installations for homes and businesses for over 25 years in the Twin Cities area. The secret to our longevity is our focus on the customer. Our approach to every project is simple; bring technology to the user in a way that makes it enjoyable.

We have four primary areas of expertise, including:

Designs & ConsultationCustom Installation

Designs & Consultation

Each of our installations begins with a Design & Consultation phase. Having clear and agreed upon goals is the foundational building block to the entire process. Great systems don't happen by accident - they are a product of careful design and consideration involving a large degree of both knowledge and experience across a wide variety of disciplines.

Our System Designers meet with you to determine your specific needs and then use their experience and knowledge of available products to recommend which products or technologies are the best match for your needs and your budget. We'll look out for your best interests in the midst of an ever-changing sea of product choices. Along the way we may be able to open your eyes to possibilities and products you may not even be aware of. We can show you how easy new technology can be when it has been properly integrated into your home and lifestyle.

Custom Installation

After the consultation and design phase, we start the process of integrating the product and technology into your new or existing home.

Our in-house System Design staff carefully plans and manages each phase of the installation, coordinating with other trades involved in the project (i.e., architect, interior designer, builder, cabinetmaker) as needed to assure no small detail is forgotten. Our highly trained professional installers, each CEDIA certified, follow the best industry methods of their craft to put the wiring and infrastructure of each system in place.

We offer a full scope of installation options for both new and existing construction:

  • Multi-room audio
  • Multi-room High Definition video distribution systems
  • Entire house lighting control
  • Automation systems (both wired and wireless)
  • High Definition audio/video storage and streaming systems
  • Cable TV & Satellite systems
  • Multi-line Telephone & Intercom systems
  • Networking & IP
These are just a few of the many system options we can provide.

System Support

System support, or service after the sale, is paramount to what we do. Even the best systems sometimes need maintenance or repair, and our staff is available to quickly resolve any system issues that may pop up. We'll handle the process from start to finish - pulling product for repair if necessary, and returning to reinstall when repairs are complete.

Even if we did not install your system - give us a call if you need system support.


Technology is constantly changing - just look at the impact products like iPod, Tivo, Blueray or High Definition televisions have made. Often systems need modifications or updates to keep in step with the latest technologies. We can help.

Did others install a system for you that is simply too difficult for you to operate? Or doesn't quite work to your expectations? Let us consult with you to show you how we can take those situations and turn them around.

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