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We specialize in custom solutions to enhance your home

Home Audio

Fill your life with music. We will come out and evaluate your options and come up with a custom solution meet your needs. Add music to an outdoor space for your next pool party or BBQ. You can streaming music from Pandora, Spotify, or TuneIn into your home. Have an existing CD collection? Ask us about our CD ripping service.


Tired of a slow network? We can evaluate your existing system and increase your coverage and performance. Have dead WiFi zones in your home? Let us add an access point to expand your coverage. Need a guest network for friends and family? Tired of having to figure out which network device you are supposed to reboot? Let us automate it for you.

Custom Installation

With over 100 years in installation experience, we are industry leaders and innovators in working with you towards a custom solution. Tired of trying to figure out which remote controls what? We simplify complex systems and make them easy for anyone to use. We will hide your wires, hang your TV, and optimize your existing equipment.


We have an absolute passion for service. Call us and you'll speak directly to one of us to address your needs. We understand that technology breeds complexity. The things that make our lives simpler are great until they fail. Let us be your subject matter experts. We can diagnose and troubleshoot system issues quickly.

Video Surveillance

Take advantage of new high resolution IP cameras and give yourself some peace of mind. We can upgrade your system, using your existing wiring, to bring you exceptional images whether your home or away.