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About us

We are here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create solutions in the evolving world of home technology

Audio By Design is a premier custom home electronics service company. We specialize installation and maintenance of your home equipment. We can do custom TV installations, add music to your home, upgrade your home WiFi, and add video surveillance to monitor your home.

Doug Winters


Doug started his passion for A/V working sales at Hifi Sound with Mark Bowden. Their love for the business lead to the idea that there was a vacuum in the space between large commercial installations and residential. They founded Audio By Design in 1983 in a garage in Medicine Lake, Minnesota. The mission was simple; bring into the homes the same level of technology, service, and customization that you found in high level commercial applications. Doug would become one of the founding members of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.

Mark Bowden


Mark began his journey working as a service bench technician at Hifi Sound working on and repairing high end audio equipment. Eventually he would start Audio By Design with Doug Winters. As Audio By Design grew, Mark would adopt the role of Operations. He is largely responsible for the day to day scheduling and service of appointments and installations.

Dan Marose


Dan is the oldest and most experienced installers at Audio by Design. If you have done any business with us in the last 26 years, you know Dan. Dan is a true professional installer. He has seen everything. He excels at communicating complex problems into simple concepts. Ask him about how to simplify your system so that everyone in the home can intuitively make this work.

Arik Nesbitt

IT Support/Installation

Arik started with Audio By Design in 2003. The 'youngest' member of the Audio By Design team. He comes from a tech background and started as an installer. After establishing himself he moved into the office and would be in charge of purchasing and technical development and support. Working as a technical installer and office support he has likely been involved with your projects in some capacity.